Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordfued, money and the end of the world

These are the three things on my mind the most nowadays. Wordfued is way above and beyond most other cellphone games. I like how it stimulates my brain and lets me lay the smackdown on people haha. Money is on my brain's waves as well. My sexy tax return should be in, in the next 10 days! Time to upgrade my tv and put the rest in savings to help make paying bills a super easy breeze! The end of the world is on my mind b/c of great books I'm reading. Wastelands is such a kick ass book. So many amazing authors contributed to the short stories in this volume. There is just something about the end of the world that makes me giggle like a little school girl writing the name of her crush on her school book. Not that I know what that's like, because I'm a beast. ^_~

Top 5 movies you need to see based around an end of the world/life as we know it scenario:

1. Night of the Living Dead
2. I am Legend
3. The Last Man on Earth
4. Dawn of the Dead
5. Zombieland

Yeah I know two repeat zombie movies from my last blog on another top 5 movie list, but hey....It's my blog ladies and gents!!!!! ^_^

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