Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just one of those days..........

Were you realize that you can turn it all around and live free. Today I figured out so much about myself while thinking and looking inward. I'm very happy at this moment and have to share. I have alot of goals that I know I can reach and I'm going to go for them and succeed.

This list will sort of be boring and generic in some ways, but dammit it's my list on my blog ^_~

List of goals both long term and short term. (Beware the randomness, sort of a bucket list but not really)

1. Start drawing and painting again. I have a talent for it and I hate the fact that I've been ignoring it for so long. I want to create something to hang in my house and maybe stuff for friends so that I can be immortal through what I do. I think it would be amazing knowing someone has a piece of your artwork somewhere after you are gone.

2. By the time I'm 32 I want to have over 10,000 in savings. This seems like a reachable number and I want to use this money to do some things that will appear on this list later.

3. Get more of the movies I love on dvd/blu ray to support the people who make them. Same thing with music and tv shows.

4. Get in shape. I am happy with my body, but I could be happier. I truly believe I am the sexiest fat man alive, but why not try to be the sexiest in shape man alive? This friday I am joining the gym where my friend Dawn goes, so this goal is on it's way to happening. I will be using the book The Abs Diet to go on this journey and reach the sexiness at the end of my path. ^_^

5. Have some cool framed art, both personal and of some classic peices I adore. This will be hard to figure out, I have way too many things I like, it's ridiculously bad.

6. Have one, maybe two really cool and personal tattoos. I want one of them to be a  passage from my favorite book, House of Leaves. The passage is as follows:

Little solace comes
to those who grieve
when thoughts keep drifting
as walls keep shifting
and this great blue world of ours
seems a house of leaves

moments before the wind.

7. Travel to some places I've always wanted to go. Namely Brazil for Iguassu Falls(picture below) and the gorgeous women. Europe, a tropical island and a few other places. So many historical sites I would love to visit.

8. Live out some "fantasies" I've always wanted to do/try/experiment with etc.

9. Have the collected works of all my favorite authors. Have book shelf upon book shelf of glorious novels, comics and works of literature.

So much more will be added to this list over time, this is just the start. I look forward to pursuing the things I want and the people I can meet and take with me on this journey.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

If the world has to end, please lord let it be zombies

Dead Rising 2 is the most fun I've had in a video game in years. Killing zombies with a fireworks launcher has to be the most satisfying thing I've had the pleasure of doing in a digital world. I'm so glad that zombies are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. I can remember being in highschool and not that many people were into zombie stuff like I was.

A zombie apocalypse is such a cool setting for a story, not just because of the zombies but because of the way the characters in the story react to it. It makes for some of the best drama you can find. The hardships these people go through are just so ridiculous. Not only is the world fucking up around you but the people you are trying to survive with are going nuts as well. It's so much fun to watch the struggle.

Once again we go to another list :)

Zombie things you need to own/check out if you are even slightly into zombies at all:

1. The Walking Dead comics and show
2. George A. Romero's zombie flims, notably Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead.
3. Max Brooks and his godlike novels of zombieness.
4. Dawn of the Dead remake directed by Zack Snyder, this is the best remake of any movie, period.
5. Zombieland
6. Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2, although I have to say 2 is much less difficult and better developed.
7. Resident Evil Series, not all about zombies but man are they in it. Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 are the must plays of this series for zombie-dom.
8. Go to a zombie walk somewhere near you, they happen in most major cities and it's awesome. People dress up as zombies and walk around a downtown area for a few hours. Can you say awesome!!

There is plenty more zombie goodness out there, that is just the best starting point in my opinion.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordfued, money and the end of the world

These are the three things on my mind the most nowadays. Wordfued is way above and beyond most other cellphone games. I like how it stimulates my brain and lets me lay the smackdown on people haha. Money is on my brain's waves as well. My sexy tax return should be in, in the next 10 days! Time to upgrade my tv and put the rest in savings to help make paying bills a super easy breeze! The end of the world is on my mind b/c of great books I'm reading. Wastelands is such a kick ass book. So many amazing authors contributed to the short stories in this volume. There is just something about the end of the world that makes me giggle like a little school girl writing the name of her crush on her school book. Not that I know what that's like, because I'm a beast. ^_~

Top 5 movies you need to see based around an end of the world/life as we know it scenario:

1. Night of the Living Dead
2. I am Legend
3. The Last Man on Earth
4. Dawn of the Dead
5. Zombieland

Yeah I know two repeat zombie movies from my last blog on another top 5 movie list, but hey....It's my blog ladies and gents!!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The first gust of wind

Ah, were to begin..... Life is so great right now in so many ways, some are lacking but meh, I honestly really can't complain. Nor should I, things could always be much worse. My friends are all so bad ass!! I don't know what I'm hoping to accomplish with this blog, I guess self expression? Maybe I can chronicle the epic/dumb/retarted/fail/lazy/inspiring/weird/random things/road trips that me and my friends will do and experience, if only to look back for my own satisfaction later. I'm always up for entertaining people along the way as well, I did want to be a comedian in my younger days. I'm thinking of pursuing that once again maybe. I am working on material to go to a comedy club and attempt amatuer night at some point. I have some good bits on rap music and rednecks at the moment. Who knows maybe they could be my platinum tickets to Bubba Hotep's Christmas Land factory. Sounds like a very random place to tour, :).

Well here goes, I'll start with one of my favorite things in the world, movies.

5 movies everyone better see before they die, or they will die at my hands(highly biased list to follow suit, obviously)......yeah let's just go with that title.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Night of the Living Dead
3. Donnie Darko
4. Dawn of the Dead
5. Memento

That's all for now as it's 4:23 am my time and I need to go to sleep for work tomorrow afternoon.